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Dark Elf Historia !LINK! Full Savel

After Aura successfully gained the trust of the dark elves by saving their village, he planned to have himself and Mare visit the village as Aura's uncle and her brother. Worried that Mare would be ostracized due to wearing a girl's attire, Ainz asked him to temporarily wear boy's clothes. Mare obeyed the suggestion, as he reasoned that his creator Bukubukuchagama would allow this lapse as it was for infiltration.[37]

Dark Elf Historia Full Savel

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The relationship between Eilistraee and Vhaeraun drastically changed over the ages. After her self-imposed exile, the Dark Maiden fought Vhaeraun's warmongering influence on the dark elves of Ilythiir. After the Descent of the drow, while the two siblings shared certain goals, their views on how to achieve them clashed. Eilistraee wished the drow to peacefully return to the surface and build friendships with other races, while Vhaeraun wanted the drow to claim back the ancient prestige of Ilythiir through violence and conquest.[4][45]

She found that she could skillfully manipulate the abyss to release dark magic, a demon capable of tearing her enemies to shreds. The will of the Shadow Abyss appointed her as its voice, making it her duty to rule over the demonic denizens. Even the proud Queen of Blood Magic began to feel unnerved upon seeing this young Dark Elf Girl, not only because the abyss had chosen her, but also because Alice could sense the terrible power lying within this seemingly cute and mischievous youngster.

Styx takes a stroll through the residential quarters of the city, in order to find out a bit more about his dark elf. He overhears some guards talking about the traitor Djarak, who fits the bill perfectly. They also discuss a ritual called the "Glorious Blood". Without much choice, Styx walks into the ritual and comes to witness it as he passes by. Two dark elf warriors fight each other to death, supervised by priestess Maolak and High Priestess Lyssril. What Styx didn't see coming was that the surviving winner ends up pierced to death by a large tentacle and he gasps in surprise. This draws the attention of a dark elf guard and Styx has to turn himself invisible to avoid detection. Thankfully, after the commotion around the ritual ends, Styx can continue to catch up with Helledryn.

Styx's outfit appears to be rather similar to his design in Master of Shadows. However, his standard outfit (the Thoben Jerkin) is no longer dark blue, but instead darkish brown and red. This time Styx has carefully crafted everything, so apart from wear-and-tear all seams are in order and tidy. The biggest differences in his design are his now absent amber tattoo and the addition of the wrist-mounted crossbow on his left arm. He wears tight, black cloths acting as foot guards on both of his feet, which started up his ankle down to his middle toes, each held by thin straps at the bottom arches of his feet. They were also more decorative in nature rather than serving as actual "guards", leaving him barefoot. His physical appearance hasn't changed though it is noteworthy that all the scars and cuts (like the stab marks on his back and the gash across his nose) that he suffered in the first game are visible on his body now.

Joker quickly finds a staircase leading into the Netherworld and leads an unease Benimaru into the darkness. Refusing to speak about his knowledge, Joker revealed he used work 'behind the scenes' for the Church and that all will become clear if they uncover the church's secrets. The pair encounter the Shadow of the Holy Sun in the darkness and Joker tells his former captain who he is. Deciding to handle the captain while Benimaru handles the rest, the two begin fighting using their Ignition Abilities. Brought to his knees by the captain's sword, Joker manages to punch him in his face before proclaiming this is a fight to the death and boosting he will kill the captain with 52 cards. Joker manages to keep the captain at bay through his cards, but he is seemingly overwhelmed by his blade and knowledge of Joker's abilities. Believing his follower student nothing to fight with, the captain prepares his killing blow. Only to be confronted by mirages of Joker caused by his smoke. During his opponent's confusion, Joker joyfully slices him to pieces as a way to avenge himself from the humiliation and abuse that he's been through.

When the pupae reaches the first full moon of its twentieth year, it sheds its exoskeleton, spreads its wings that have developed from a bulge on its back, and emerges as a fully grown Lethrblaka, said to resemble a type of "monstrous dark dragon". The flying mounts used by the Ra'zac were actually their parents, the Lethrblaka. Lethrblaka had the intelligence of a dragon, but they are much more intelligent than the younger Ra'zac and could give out ear-splitting shrieks that most are not able to stand. Magic users, however, could counter it by casting a spell to "empty their ears". The Lethrblaka then reproduce oviparously, renewing their cycle of life.

A young dark elf who has swore loyalty to Olga, and has faithfully served her as Olga's personal servant. She is the daughter of a male human and a female dark elf, making her half-human and half-elf. She spent most of her childhood as a slave for the aristocrat, Sir John Mandeville, before being rescued by the dark queen. Chloe is very serious about serving Olga, and as such, she can get angry very fast if somebody badmouths her dear queen. Chloe, along with Olga, was captured by the Kuroinu mercenaries at the beginning of the story.


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