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Buy Popsicle Molds BEST

The Onyx Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold is our overall top pick. It's easy to use and made from durable stainless steel. It also unmolded the quickest of any of the popsicle molds we tested. For those that would like to spend less than $20, our budget-friendly pick is the Ozera Popsicle Molds.

buy popsicle molds


For our original review in 2013, we tested 16 molds, making approximately 60 pops. In 2015, we chose 10 additional molds for an updated round of testing, with a focus on silicone push-up pops, classic pops, and cute kid-friendly styles. We tested those molds against our five original winners and made about 80 pops. For those earlier tests, we used four different recipes in each mold: pure orange juice, Creamsicle-like yogurt pops, mixed fruit, and fudge. We did two rounds of pop testing in each mold, and then we hand-washed all the molds to assess how difficult they were to clean and care for.

The watermelon-slice mold is about 6 inches long (including the reusable stick), 3 inches wide, and 1 inches tall, while the pineapple mold measures about 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 inches tall. Their footprint in a freezer is minimal since you can stack molds of the same shape together, and you can choose to freeze just a couple at a time, so they give you lots of flexibility to work with your space. The Lékué Tropical Fruit Ice Pop Molds are also dishwasher safe.

Have you been wondering where to buy popsicle molds? Or are you looking for the best ice pop molds that are BPA free and plastic-free? These ice lolly molds are stainless steel so they are the best popsicle making kit.

PLASTIC FREE: The materials used include food grade 304 Stainless Steel for the molds and the rack, Bamboo for the sticks, Silicone for the rings, and recycled packaging that can be reused (Zero Waste packaging)

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Select ingredients, mix them together, pour into mold, insert stick, and freeze. Create your own custom homemade frozen yogurt popsicles, fruit sorbet pops, sugar free ices, and much more! Clean with warm soap water and dry before every use

The best overall popsicle mold is the Zoku Classic Pop Mold, which is a classically shaped ice pop maker that allows you to whip up six 3-ounce treats at a time. The mold comes with everything you need, including sticks with drip guards and storage sleeves. Looking for a non-plastic option? Try the Onyx Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold.

The best material for popsicle molds depends on your preferences. For a flexible, dishwasher-safe, and reusable option, silicone is a popular pick. On the other hand, plastic is a lightweight alternative that is often less expensive and just as easy to use.

Silicone popsicle molds are not necessarily better than plastic. Both are typically affordable, easy to use, and widely available. However, silicone may prove to be more durable and long-lasting over multiple uses compared to plastic.

Carefully remove the popsicle mold from the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for 1-2 minutes. This will help to loosen the popsicles from the mold. Then run the mold under warm water for 10-15 seconds. Be careful not to submerge the mold completely in water, as this can cause the popsicles to melt. Use a gentle but firm grip to pull the popsicle stick out of the mold. If the popsicle does not come out easily, run the mold under warm water for a few more seconds and try again. Some popsicle molds, such as silicone, may not require running under warm water. Be sure to check the instructions.

You can put a variety of ingredients into a popsicle mold to create your frozen treats, including pureed fruit or vegetables, juice, yogurt, milk or cream, tea or coffee, herbs and spices, and even alcoholic beverages.

These silicone molds make surprisingly detailed robot-shaped pops that hang upside-down with their feet in the air as they harden. They have a spill-proof design, plenty of flexibility, and are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Do the robot with: jammy coconut milk-berry pops.

For the 4th of July or an everyday sparkle, these star-shaped molds are versatile for whatever concoctions you want to dream up. The base holds six pops that, once frozen, can be stored individually to take up less space in your freezer. Try them out with this kicky balsamic-strawberry filling.

This classically shaped mold is perfect for a backyard barbecue. The set includes an aluminum frame with plastic molds, a lid with grommets to hold sticks upright, and 24 disposable wooden sticks. Remix the standard cherry and grape flavors with something unexpected like these Thai-influenced rice pudding pops with dried apricots.

If you're all about the industrial chic look, this popsicle mold serves up the classic shape with stainless steel. The set also includes removable silicone rings to ensure the sticks don't tilt or sink as they freeze. If you want to make popsicles for an adult crowd, fill them with this boozy mint Caipirinha recipe.

More than just for tots, these little orbs can also be added to cocktails or punchy beverages. The mini molds make nine pops with built-in drip-guards. You could craft adorable breakfast yogurt bites or some fruity lemonade ice alternatives.

This mold option doesn't require popsicles to stay upright when freezing, a perk that helps save space in your freezer and prevents any fruit or candy add-ons from sinking to the bottom. Get to experimenting with slices of strawberry, whole raspberries, or chocolate chips.

This other stackable popsicle mold makes a wavy configuration and works well for ingredients that are less pourable than juice, like ice cream and yogurt. Concoct some parfait pops or a creamy vanilla treat that'll beat any ice cream truck offerings.

You probably ate a lot of popsicles as a kid, and whether they were from the neighborhood ice cream truck, your local supermarket, or made at home by your mom, they were always delicious, right? So what happened? Did you forget how satisfying drippy, bright-red strawberry ice pops can be?

The sticks are also an important part of the whole popsicle experience! You can find molds that come with a number of disposable sticks and a good amount of reusable ones made out of high-quality plastic. These offer lots of flexibility and convenience when it comes to making your own popsicle molds. They conveniently slot right inside the mold and some of them even feature drip guards to keep your hands from getting sticky!

All PopsicleLab molds are made of food grade silicone. Our high-quality material is BPA-free and certified non-toxic. You may have heard of the silicone pinch test, which claims to determine whether a silicone item is indeed 100% pure silicone. Allow us to shed some light on this myth. There is no way to determine whether a silicone item is free of harmful plasticizers by pinching or twisting it. The presence of some white silicone in the molds when twisting it, is due to the color pigments being stretched. Silicone starts out as clear or white after production and then it is being colored.

Store-bought popsicles often contain artificial preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. Homemade ice pops are the perfect alternative. Take control over what you consume and discover the joy of mixing flavors and creating your own popsicles!

Here are the cutest dinosaur popsicle molds that will elevate your summer popsicle experience. These adorable popsicle molds will transform your regular homemade popsicles into dinosaur popsicles! Great for kids of all ages and adults too!

These dinosaur popsicle molds that I am crazy about can be purchased on Amazon. The cool thing (get it?) is that these dinosaur pop molds have received 4.7 stars out of over 1k ratings on Amazon. One of the reviews included this information:

These molds worked perfectly! I filled them with puréed berries and they took the shape of the mold excellently. It was very easy to peel off the silicone mold so the popsicle did not lose any shape or detail. I rinsed the mold with hot water and tossed in in the top rack of the dishwasher to wash.

Based on the reviews on Amazon, it appeared that the water and juice based popsicle recipes work better than the ice cream and milk based recipes. That makes sense because in general, most water and juice based popsicle recipes freeze harder and would work better in a detailed mold like the dinosaur pop molds.

I love the Tovolo Zombie Pop Molds which are perfect for any day a zombie might appear. Remember these when Halloween rolls around as well. I think our monster popsicle recipe might be the perfect fit for these fun shaped popsicles.

We have two sets of these and use them most often for both the kids and the adults in the house. The sets are incredibly easy to use but the biggest selling point is that the popsicles consistently release easily from the molds. the drip guard on the bottom is nice too!

Similar to the mini mold for babies, this silicone mold releases incredibly easily and makes a nice size popsicle for kids and parents. You may want two sets so you can make more than 4 pops at at time!

With the arrival of warmer weather (and downright sweltering, HOT weather!) many of us are thinking about the best treats for keeping cool. I think an ice cold, refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day is one of your best options! 041b061a72


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