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The Ultimate Guide to Removing Creation Club Mods from Fallout 4

As a player, you will not notice any difference if you do not add any mods. Mod authors are responsible for licensing and distributing the modifications that they author under the license terms agreed upon by Bethesda Game Studios and each mod author individually. Bethesda Game Studios and the communities that are associated with the games are not responsible in any way for user-created mods that are made available through the Workshop. Add-ons or mods that were automatically downloaded or installed by the user, or that the user installed or downloaded through other media, are not covered by this license, and Bethesda Game Studios or its licensors have no obligation to include or provide access to such add-ons or mods. If you have a problem with a user-created mod, it's best to contact the author directly.

fallout 4 uninstall creation club mods

Folks who want to have the freedom to play content however they want will look for other ways to experience it, such as on other gaming platforms, or by downloading mods from third-party websites. But those folks dont count as mainstream gamers. But what about folks who want a great PC experience? We want to support that, as well, so that when the folks who want to spend big on a PC set-up get the PC gaming experience they want, they will, in turn, spend on content. So we are providing an option for those folks as well. Since this is a new system, we need to take our time and iron out some details. But the idea is that we will provide these at some point, and it will be a subscription option. We need to give you guys plenty of time to test, review, and give feedback on this.We aim to have our first paid DLC for the PC offered sometime in 2018.


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