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Watch Eight Shani 3gp Movie Online: A Spooky Story of a Vengeful Spirit and a Cursed Family

Eight Shani 3gp Movie Download: A Guide to Watch This Horror Thriller Online

If you are a fan of horror movies, you might have heard of Eight Shani, a 2006 Indian film directed by Karan Razdan. This movie is based on the concept of numerology and astrology, and features a vengeful spirit who haunts a family that has wronged her. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Eight Shani, including its plot summary, reviews and ratings, and how to download it in 3gp format online.

Eight Shani 3gp movie download


What is Eight Shani?

Eight Shani is a Hindi horror movie that was released on April 14, 2006. It is also known as Ei8ht Shani or Eight: The Power of Shani. The movie is written and directed by Karan Razdan, who is known for his erotic thrillers such as Hawas and Souten: The Other Woman. The movie stars Raj Tara, Meghna Naidu, Gulshan Grover, Padmini Kolhapure, Vastavikta Pandit, and Raju Kher in the main roles.

Why is it called Eight Shani?

The title of the movie refers to the number eight and the planet Saturn (Shani in Hindi). According to numerology and astrology, these two elements have a significant influence on human life and destiny. The number eight is considered to be unlucky and associated with death, destruction, and misfortune. The planet Saturn is also considered to be malefic and responsible for delays, obstacles, and hardships. The movie explores how these two factors affect the lives of the characters in a horrifying way.

Who are the main actors and actresses?

The movie features a talented cast of actors and actresses who have played various roles in Bollywood movies and TV shows. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Raj Tara as Raj Rai: He is the younger brother of Suraj Rai, who lives with him in London. He is a fun-loving and carefree person who falls in love with Sapna, a model.

  • Meghna Naidu as Sapna: She is a voluptuous and seductive model who becomes Raj's girlfriend. She also gets involved in some paranormal activities related to Kamini's spirit.

  • Gulshan Grover as Suraj Rai: He is the elder brother of Raj Rai, who runs a successful business in London. He is married to Radha and has a daughter named Neetu. He also has a son who died in an accident.

  • Padmini Kolhapure as Radha S. Rai: She is the wife of Suraj Rai and the mother of Neetu. She is a devoted and loving woman who tries to cope with her husband's infidelity and alcoholism.

  • Vastavikta Pandit as Kamini: She is a young woman who worships Lord Shani (Saturn) fervently. She has an affair with Suraj Rai and commits suicide when he breaks up with her.

Plot Summary

The Rai family and their tragedy

The movie begins with a flashback of Suraj Rai's affair with Kamini, a young woman who is obsessed with Lord Shani. Suraj promises to marry her, but later dumps her for his wife Radha. Kamini is heartbroken and commits suicide by hanging herself from a tree. She curses Suraj and his family before dying.

In the present day, Suraj and his family live in London, where he runs a successful business. He has a daughter named Neetu, who is studying in a boarding school. He also has a son named Ravi, who died in a car accident eight years ago. Suraj is still haunted by Kamini's death and suffers from nightmares and guilt. He also drinks heavily and cheats on his wife with other women.

Suraj's younger brother Raj lives with him and helps him in his business. Raj is a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys life and loves Sapna, a model. Sapna is also involved in some occult activities related to Kamini's spirit, which she does not reveal to Raj.

The vengeful spirit of Kamini

Kamini's spirit is not at peace and seeks revenge on Suraj and his family. She uses her powers to manipulate and harm them in various ways. She causes accidents, illnesses, and deaths to those who are close to Suraj. She also tries to seduce Raj and make him betray his brother.

Kamini's spirit also possesses Neetu, who starts behaving strangely and violently. She attacks her classmates, teachers, and parents. She also reveals some dark secrets about Suraj's past and his involvement in Kamini's death.

Kamini's spirit also contacts Sapna, who is fascinated by her story and wants to help her. Sapna performs some rituals and sacrifices to appease Kamini's spirit and gain her favor. She also plans to kill Raj and offer him as a gift to Kamini.

The power of Shani and the curse of eight

The movie also explores the concept of Shani (Saturn) and its influence on human life. According to astrology, Shani is the planet of justice, karma, and destiny. It can bring good or bad results depending on one's actions and deeds. It can also cause delays, obstacles, and hardships in one's life.

The movie shows how Suraj and his family are affected by Shani's wrath due to their sins and mistakes. They face various troubles and tragedies that are related to the number eight. For example, Suraj's son died on the eighth day of his birth, Kamini committed suicide on the eighth day of her relationship with Suraj, Neetu was born on the eighth day of the month, Raj met Sapna on the eighth day of their friendship, etc.

The movie also shows how Suraj and his family try to overcome Shani's curse by seeking help from astrologers, priests, and exorcists. They also try to repent for their wrongdoings and seek forgiveness from Kamini's spirit. They also try to find out the truth behind Kamini's death and the reason for her hatred.

Reviews and Ratings

What do critics say about Eight Shani?

The movie received mixed reviews from critics who praised its concept, performances, and music, but criticized its execution, direction, and screenplay. The movie was also compared to other horror movies such as The Omen, The Exorcist, The Ring, etc.

Some of the critics' comments are as follows:

  • "Eight Shani has an interesting premise but fails to deliver on its promise. The movie is full of clichés, loopholes, and inconsistencies that ruin the suspense and thrill. The direction is amateurish, the editing is choppy, and the special effects are tacky."

  • "Eight Shani is a decent attempt at making a horror movie based on numerology and astrology. The movie has some scary moments, some good performances, and some catchy songs. However, the movie also suffers from a weak script, a slow pace, and a predictable climax."

  • "Eight Shani is a refreshing change from the usual horror movies that rely on gore, violence, and sex. The movie explores the theme of karma, destiny, and justice in a novel way. The movie also boasts of some fine acting by Gulshan Grover, Padmini Kolhapure, and Vastavikta Pandit."

What do viewers say about Eight Shani?

The movie received mixed reactions from viewers who had different opinions and expectations about the movie. Some viewers liked the movie for its unique concept, its horror elements, and its message, while others disliked the movie for its poor execution, its lack of logic, and its boring plot.

Some of the viewers' comments are as follows:

  • "I really enjoyed watching Eight Shani. It was a different kind of horror movie that made me think about the consequences of my actions and the role of fate in my life. The movie was scary, thrilling, and entertaining. I liked the performances of the actors and the music of the movie."

  • "I was very disappointed with Eight Shani. It was a waste of time and money. The movie was dull, confusing, and ridiculous. The movie had no sense of direction, no coherence, and no logic. The actors were overacting, the dialogues were cheesy, and the songs were annoying."

  • "I have mixed feelings about Eight Shani. It was an average horror movie that had some good points and some bad points. The movie had a good concept, but a bad execution. The movie had some scary scenes, but also some silly scenes. The movie had some good actors, but also some bad actors."

How does Eight Shani compare to other horror movies?

Eight Shani is one of the many horror movies that have been made in Bollywood over the years. The movie belongs to the genre of supernatural horror that involves ghosts, spirits, curses, and occultism. The movie also incorporates elements of numerology and astrology that are popular in Indian culture.

The movie can be compared to other horror movies that have similar themes or styles. For example, the movie can be compared to The Omen (1976), a Hollywood movie that also deals with the number eight and the Antichrist. The movie can also be compared to Raaz (2002), a Bollywood movie that also features a vengeful spirit who haunts a couple. The movie can also be compared to 1920 (2008), a Bollywood movie that also involves exorcism and possession.

The movie can be rated on various criteria such as story, direction, acting, music, effects, etc. Based on these criteria, the movie can be given a score out of 10. For example, the movie can be given a score of 5/10 for story, 4/10 for direction, 6/10 for acting, 7/10 for music, 3/10 for effects, etc.

How to Download Eight Shani 3gp Movie Online

What are the benefits of downloading 3gp movies?

3gp is a file format that is used for multimedia files such as videos and audios. It is a compressed format that reduces the size and quality of the files. It is commonly used for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Downloading 3gp movies online has some benefits such as:

  • It saves space and memory on your device as 3gp files are smaller than other formats.

  • It saves time and data as 3gp files are faster to download and stream than other formats.

  • It allows you to watch movies offline without any internet connection or buffering issues.

  • It gives you access to a wide range of movies that may not be available on other platforms or regions.

What are the risks of downloading 3gp movies?

Downloading 3gp movies online also has some risks such as:

  • It may violate the copyright laws and regulations of your country or region as you may be downloading pirated or illegal content.

  • It may expose your device to viruses, malware, or spyware that may harm your device or steal your personal information.

  • It may compromise your privacy and security as you may be tracked or monitored by hackers or authorities.

  • It may affect your viewing experience as 3gp files have lower quality and resolution than other formats.

What are the best sites to download Eight Shani 3gp movie?

If you want to download Eight Shani 3gp movie online, you need to find a reliable and safe site that offers this service. There are many sites that claim to provide this service, but not all of them are trustworthy or legal. You need to be careful and cautious when choosing a site to download Eight Shani 3gp movie online.



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