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the shape of a profile's elevation values (height of the profile points) varies with dem resolution. for example, a sharp ascent from -10 meters to 20 meters (a slope of 1:4) is represented by about 12 elevation points at 2-meter intervals in a small profile. the same slope in a large profile would result in about 60 elevation points at 10-meter intervals. which one is the more accurate representation of the profile?

Shader.arc File Download

the resolution of a dem is the spacing between elevation points that comprise it, measured in meters. it is measured as the elevation range -- the maximum elevation value minus the minimum elevation value -- of a vertical cut through the profile (each cut is a profile, in other words). you might not think that a dem's resolution is as important to its accuracy as its sampling rate, which is the number of elevation points that are recorded in the profile.

3.6. a natural question to ask is: how the hell do i get shaders for my textures? its a big responsibility (and expense) to make your own material, and the decisions you make about how to skin your buildings and lay out your terrain can have a profound impact on its performance. although the minecraft wiki has a good collection of shaders listed, it doesnt include much direction on where to get them and on which resolutions theyre compatible. another situation that some modders encounter is that a texture is newer than the shader it uses. this is common when working with snapshotter-autofit styles, which have not yet been implemented in the shaders for your textures. another situation where this can happen is if you try to use a shadersbsp texture on a resource pack that does not have it, such as the popular vanilla-plus resource pack. the textures in that pack are designed to be compatible with the vanilla shaders, so a shadersbsp texture would be obsolete. keep in mind that shaders are tested on the textures and styles theyre designed to use.


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