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Discover the Best Deep House Music: Download These Awesome Tracks for Free

Junodownload is a UK-based online store that focuses on dance & electronic music. Covering 20 different genre categories, they have a huge, regularly updated database of tracks in a variety of digital formats (in addition to MP3) including high-quality WAV and FLAC files.

Based in London, Bleep is an independent online store that mostly showcases music from independent artists & labels. In addition to offering digital downloads (either MP3, WAV or FLAC files), they also sell and distribute Cassettes, CD and vinyl.

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Deep house is a kind of dance music born in Chicago in the second half of the eighties as a sub-genre of house music. Compared to Chicago House it is slower (122-127 bpm), almost hypnotic, and melodic; it also incorporates jazz influences. The name "Deep" comes from the deep bass sound usually found in songs of this genre. Deep tracks generally feature deep sounding pads, similar to those used in the chill out and lounge areas. Very important are the electric pianos, first of all the Fender Rhodes, in its Mark I and Mark II models, followed by the Wurlitzer pianos. In the tracks there are often only wind instruments typically jazz like the sax or the trumpet. Moreover, the chords and scales of the melodic part of the Deep pieces are always of the Soul standard and above all Jazz. Because of these characteristics, with an andante and relaxed rhythm and its refined sounds, the Deep House is often used in high fashion shows and is considered as the dance version of genres such as Nu jazz and the Lounge. In the playlist below you will find music tracks from our music catalogue for royalty-free Production Music or Stock Music with the keyword "Deep house", which can be licensed directly online via the Proud Music Library as background music for commercials, ads on TV, In-Stream-ads or movie and radio spots. It is also possible to download mp3 files in reduced quality for free to present them internally. Use is only permitted after the purchase of a license. If you have any questions regarding licensing, please contact us by phone at ++49 (0)6132 43 088 30 or by email at The songs on this page may NOT be used without a license. Please purchase a license according to the intended use!

Perfectly arranged deephouse track with a deep and pushing bass and a soft bassdrum as foundation, atmospheric sounds and pads that invite to dream and relaxe. Perfect background music for documentaries.

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House music originated in Chicago and Detroit during the early 1980s.Early house music was generally characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats and rhythms centered around drum machines, off-beat hi-hats and synthesized basslines. While house music displays characteristics similar to disco music, it is more minimalistic, and the focus around a repetitive rhythm is more important than the song itself. For some producers the German electronic band Kraftwerk was a major source of inspiration.

Initially catering to gay and mixed, primarily African-American and Latino audiences, but after enjoying significant underground and club-based success in Chicago, it quickly fanned out to all major cities wordwide.House music today varies a lot in style and influence, ranging from soulful and atmospheric deep house, to the more minimalistic house. House music has also fused with several other genres creating subgenres, such as tech house, electro house, tribal house.In the late 80s House music emerged into the UK mainstream pop market. Popularity in the rest of Europe quickly followed, and it became a global phenomenon from the early-to-mid 90s onwards. Since the early 1990s, house music has been infused in mainstream pop and dance music. It proved to be a commercially successful genre and a more mainstream pop-based variation grew increasingly popular. Mainstream artists such as Madonna and Janet Jackson incorporated the genre into their work. House music grew even larger during the second wave of Progressive House beginning this century. The genre still remains popular and obtains both commercial success and critical acclaim.

Please note that by downloading a track on this Hypeddit New Releases or Charts page,you agree to like and repost this track and follow the subject track's artist/profile and Hypeddit channels on SoundCloud,limited at up to five (5) of the following profiles based on the musical genre of the track you download:

Bridging the fine line of Deep House, this devastatingly good sample collection grabs all the analogue splendour derived from retro gear including Roland Jupiter 4, Juno 60, Korg Polysix & Macbeth synths. Impressive basslines combined with synth clarity propel this future German classic to essential status for Deep House aficionados.Influenced by artists like Dominik Eulberg, Marek Hemmann, David August, Kollektiv Turmstrasse & Dave DK, German Deep House is a truly timeless classic. With over 400 Deep House samples including authentic song starters, delicious basslines, deep chords, analogue based synthesis, sublime drums, expressive fx and a polished production level of tangible status, you know this Deep House sample pack will offer all and more to your future tracks. This is the collection your studio has been crying out for, 6+GB of samples, loops, stems and midi any music producer would love to get their hands on.Everything within German Deep House is 100% royalty free and available for immediate download. 24-Bit Wav is included as standard, all audio files are tempo and key tagged where applicable and Midi is included for Song Starters and Full Mix Loops. What are you waiting for, buy now and be forever happy!

House Drums is one of our freeware Drum Kit released on featuring royalty free house drum samples: house kicks, cymbals, hi hats, snares, percussion, FX, toms and many more cool drum hits from House music producers.

Norwegian producer Kygo has taken another Marvin classic and given it a complete deep house rework. Losing none of the silky-smooth allure of the original Sexual Healing, he manages to infuse a certain bounce that adds an air of modernity to an otherwise iconic tune.

Loopcloud is a fully-featured sample manager launched by Loopmasters, thanks to which you can preview over 4+ million samples on your computer, and searching new sounds while creating music. The software organizes all of your samples, creating the largest palette imaginable and giving you access to millions of royalty-free samples ready for you to download and use in your music.

Samplesound is probably the best place to download high-quality sample packs for techno & house music production. In addition to a huge amount of samples (free too), on their website, you will find cool production tutorials, mixing & mastering service, and a lot of collaborative projects with music labels.

Deep House Relax 2020 is a music album released in 2020. Deep House Relax 2020 has 28 songs sung by Various Artists. Listen to all songs in high quality and download Deep House Relax 2020 songs on

These contain all the best drums, percussions, synths, and even as far as effects in these drum kits.Whether you are looking for nice loops or one-shots you will find them all in these deep house drum kits. Now, if one day you want to be a headlining artist at Tomorrowland, then I genuinely believe that these will help you get to that stage much faster. And the best part is that these deep house drum kits are free so you are essentially getting them at no cost!That is why I recommend that you check them all out and see which ones take your fancy the most.

The good thing about these paid deep house sample packs is that you will be more motivated to use them since you are paying a ticket price for them. Over time, this will give you huge advancements in your Music career because it gets you to produce more music and a variety of musical styles within the house genre.

This jackin' sample pack is perfect for producing house music. Whether you're partial to funky, deep, Latin or French house, there's some samples in here for you - royalty-free and ready to party.


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