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Download PATCHED File 15.7z

DELPHIN 6 is available in English, German, French and Italian. Of DELPHIN 5 only an English version exists. Of COND, THERAKLES and the postprocessor a German and an English version can be downloaded.

Download File 15.7z

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Here we have shared detailed steps and download links that will allow you to easily switch back to iOS 15.7 from iOS 16. In addition to iOS 15.7 you can also downgrade to iOS 15.6.1 as that is also being signed at the time of writing.

I generated 4 Gcode for milling the front (roughing and finishing on 2 sides) and then i generated 8 files for the temples with the same procedure, the only difference is that the block had this dimensions: 80 x 180 x 15.7 (z) mm.

- Modified base_winsxs_2.cmd of cdob so that hardlinks are created for \Windows\WinSxS\*_microsoft-windows-servicingstack* sevicingstack is needed for support of Adding Drivers by means of Dism.exe- Add Drivers 7/8/10 in Offline Windows by using Dism.exe - Not suitable to Install SVBus Driver for booting from RAMDISK Boot in MBR mode for Install of SVBus driver - use R-mouse menu to Run as admin file instx64.exe of SVBus bin folder

- Make fixed VHD with MBR and 2 Partitions (Active 100 MB FAT32 + rest NTFS) suitable for UEFI booting VHD from RAMDISK- Added UEFI Grub4dos and a1ive UEFI Grub2 for UEFI booting VHD from RAMDISK- Added signed SVBus driver for UEFI booting VHD from RAMDISK- Added WofCompress of JFX to UnCompress EFI folder inside VHD when Making Boot entries- EFI folder in VHD needs to be UnCompressed in case of UEFI booting 1 Partition VHD from RAMDISK- makebt\WimBootCompress.ini file adjusted so that entire EFI and Boot folder will be UnCompressed after Capture and Apply in Compact and WimBoot mode- UEFI grub4dos version 2020-12-26- in case of 2 Partition VHD then EFI folder is not made in NTFS partition and when present is renamed as x-EFI

- Update Grub2 to latest version- Added Checkbox Update G - Forces Update of UEFI Grub2 and UEFI Grub4dos and MBR Grub4dos Boot files given in UEFI_MAN and makebt folder- Added UEFI Grub2 menuentry using ntboot instead of efiload ntfs_x64.efi driver in case of 1 Partion VHD for RAMOS booting- Added WARNING in case FileSystem of existing VHD is not FAT32 + NTFS in case of 2 Partitions Or NTFS in case of 1 Partition VHD

- Update Grub4dos - grub4dos-0.4.6a-2021-10-15.7z- VHD_WIMBOOT adjusted for APPLY and making BCD Boot entries of Win10XPE boot.wim Installed Flat in VHD- SVBus_INST_Trusted is program for Offline Install of SVBus Driver in VHD by using offlinereg program and Dism Defender Control can be used in advance to Disable Windows Defender

This tool allows users to remove over 100 components that are typically included in Windows. Adding new components requires a simple download from the Internet, which you can then add using the ISO maker tool. You can save a lot of time and effort by using Win Toolkit in the future, particularly if you reinstall Windows frequently. 041b061a72


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