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Download Unfx Proxy Checker Win Installer Exe [PATCHED]

  • To silently install Open Proxy Space Unfx Proxy Checker 1.6.1 follow theese simple steps. Download the file unfx-proxy-checker-v1.6.1-win-installer.exe

  • Check the MD5 Checksum and the Signature of the installer package

  • open a cammandline in admin mode by pressing Win and enter cmd

  • right click the terminal application and choose "Run as Admin ..."

  • Change the directory where the downloaded file is stored by using the cd command

  • now enter the command unfx-proxy-checker-v1.6.1-win-installer.exe /S in the terminal to silently install Unfx Proxy Checker

Download unfx proxy checker win installer exe

Download Zip:



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