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Where To Buy Kohler Sinks

Featuring integrated ledges with built-to-fit accessories, including cutting boards, colanders, and wash bins, our workstation sinks save time, reduce mess, and make all of your kitchen chores more efficient.

where to buy kohler sinks

Inspired by professional restaurant kitchens, our workstation sinks feature graduated ledges that hold a range of accessories so that you can spend more time working and less time walking back and forth between areas of the kitchen.

I do have rubber mats, but they only protect the bottom of the sink. The marks I have are from where the handles of the pans hit the sink sides. I just ordered some of the Kohler cast iron cleaner as our Home Depot (where we purchased the sink) doesn't carry it! Hopefully, when it arrives, it will do the trick.

Hi there, Kohler makes a cleaner specifically for their sinks. It's called "Kohler k-1012525 cast iron cleaner". According to the website, you should "Squeeze directly onto surface or a wet cloth or soft sponge. Never use an abrasive material such as a brush or scouring pad. Loosen the soil with a rubbing action. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat application if stain persists. For a bright shine, polish with a soft, dry cloth."

  • Rubber dish mats are not recommended in KOHLER sinks.

  • Bacteria can grow under the mats and permanently discolor the enamel.

  • Discoloration from rubber mats is not covered under the manufacturer's defect warranty.

  • Black spots in the finish of enameled products are referred to as "carbon spots."

  • The carbon spots are the result of dust particles that get burned into the finish during the enamel firing process.

  • Carbons spots are a normal part of the manufacturing process. Typically, the spots are small and minimal, however the product should be inspected prior to installation.

  • Pot marks are caused by metal objects (most commonly aluminum cookware) striking the enameled surface and are not a manufacturing defect.

  • Pots, pans, and utensils may leave the metal marks on sink surfaces because the thick layer of fire-polished enameled is harder than cookware.

  • The pot marks look like scratches, but they do not penetrate the enameled surface.

  • To clean, apply a small amount of KOHLER Cast Iron Cleaner (K-23725) to the marks. Use a soft cloth or cork to gently rub the marks away.



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