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Buy Blue Contact Lenses

Our natural blue contacts lenses are designed to effortlessness transform the colour of your eyes to blue. Worn by Instagram Influencers and Celebrities alike, they come in a variety of shades, including Blue, Sapphire Blue and Royal Blue, each of which can be bought as one tone, two tone or three tone lenses.

buy blue contact lenses

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Two tone blue contact lenses sit between our one and three tone designs and provide a more noticeable blue tint than two tone lenses. They can be used to add more depth to existing blue eyes or to transform your eyes to blue whether they are light or dark and naturally grey, green or brown.

Our three tone blue lenses are great for dark eyes, they offer maximum coverage for the ultimate transformation. Featuring a dark limbal ring and multiple shades of blue, they add a real sense of depth and realism.

Aside form our natural blue lenses, we also offer a range of blue dolly eye contact lenses that cross the boundaries between themed and natural. Enhancing both the size and colour of your natural eyes, they are available in a variety of shades including Glimmer Blue and Glamour Blue.

Buy natural blue contacts lensesOur natural blue contacts lenses are designed to effortlessness transform the colour of your eyes to blue. Worn by Instagram Influencers and Celebrities alike, they come in a variety of shades, including Blue, Sapphire Blue and Royal Blue, each of which can be bought as one tone, two tone or three tone lenses.

Blue eyes pair amazingly well with light hair colors and light complexions. For a sexy, Barbie-doll look, try wearing blue contact lenses in tandem with a classic red lip. Have a deeper complexion, a pair of baby blues or amazing aquas will wow! With a dazzling assortment of fun turquoises, elegant sapphires and more, our blue contacts are sure to satisfy any lens addiction.

Blue eyes are rare and beautiful! if you have been searching for the best blue contact lenses to switch your eye color, you have landed at the right page! We offer over 60 shades of blue lenses ranging from natural designs to dramatic styles with or without a limbal ring.

Our most popular dark blue colored contact lenses include Anesthesia Anesthetic Carbon, Solotica Aquarella Noronha Blue and Bella Glow Navy Gray. We offer an amazing collection of dark blue colored contacts with varying replacement cycles and styles.

You can get blue contact lenses for astigmatism from Solotica. Their yearly collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors offer the opportunity to specify your specific astigmatism needs and they will custom make your lenses.

Blue colored contacts vary in cost based on brand and replacement cycle. Daily blue colored contacts will be cheaper than yearly colored contact lenses, for example, however, if you wear your blue yearly lenses every day for one year, then it is a cheaper solution.

Our extensive range of Blue Contact Lenses, makes changing your look is easy. We offer the best prices on coloured contact lenses in various colours and styles. Shop these looks to spice up your own with EyeSupply.

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There are plenty of people who have naturally blue eyes and would like to emphasize their pretty eye color. If you're one of them, then Freshlook Dimensions Pacific Blue contact lenses are ideal for you. They will not only visually enlarge your eyes thanks to an outer dark ring of the lens, but also they will give your eyes a fabulous deeply blue color, making you look incredibly sexy. Try them now!

Please note that the box of 2 is only available in 0 power. You need to purchase the box of 6 Freshlook Dimensions Pacific Blue contact lenses if you want to correct your vision as well as change your eye color.

Blue eyes are rarer than brown, so are a popular choice for coloured contact lenses. The leading brands of coloured contacts all have shades of blue, including FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors, so there's plenty to choose from.

Blue coloured contact lenses are designed to either strengthen the natural blue colour of your eyes or help change them to blue from another shade. Usually they're best suited to lighter eyes, but lenses with a stronger tint can help to transform even the darkest iris.

Blue contacts that treat short-sightedness (myopia) and long-sightedness (hyperopia) are easy to find. Leading manufacturers such as Alcon/Ciba Vision and CooperVision produce blue contacts that not only look great, but feel comfortable and provide crystal clear vision for as long as you're wearing them.

These lenses can help to add more depth to your natural shade if you have pale blue or grey eyes. The result is a striking look that's a great way to make a small but dramatic change to your everyday style.

If you've never worn contacts before, or don't need vision correction, you should visit an optician for a contact lens fitting and to get a prescription. You don't need to buy your lenses there, in fact you can save up to 45% by purchasing online instead.

When you're choosing blue contact lenses to wear, you should remember to pick shades that will work well with your eye colour. If you have dark brown eyes, you're unlikely to be able to change them with a pale blue tint so will need a deeper shade. With lighter hues, you have more choice but strong tints are better for a big transformation.

If you need any advice about how to buy your contact lenses online, we're here to assist you via web chat, phone or email. Got a question about ordering from Vision Direct? Check out our handy how to guides.

Natsumi Blue is designed to be worn over lighter color eyes to create a dramatic deep blue outer ring that seamlessly blends into your natural eye color. Customers with darker eyes may want to consider our 4-Tone or Sakura Series to create more visible lift.

Order with confidence, thanks to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Natsumi Blue, like all Misaki contacts, are made with 45% water so they are comfortable, breathable and safe! These 30-day disposables can be worn daily...all day!...for a month as long as they are cleaned and cared for each night.

You may request the refund to be issued to the original credit card used or as store credit. Returns may subject to a 30% restocking fee. Misaki Cosmetics must be contacted within 10 working days of the posted delivery date documented on the online postal service or courier tracking system. Return shipping reimbursement is currently unavailable. Returned items must be in original, unopened condition, including tags, booklets, labels, stickers and any other packaging materials. Contact lenses stored in package must have the seals intact and unbroken. The customer is responsible for the shipping fees back to Misaki Cosmetics. Please ship whatever shipping method you prefer. Misaki Cosmetics strongly recommends adding delivery confirmation and/or signature confirmation to all return packages as Misaki Cosmetics is not responsible for any packages lost in the mail. It is the customer's responsibility to research any lost package shipped back to Misaki Cosmetics that may have been lost in the mail stream. Please contact us with your order ID for the return address. Upon receiving your returned ordered and checking the items are in returnable condition, the refund/store credit will be issued within 14 working days. For exchanges, the customer will be invoiced for regular shipping fees (US$10 for standard shipping, courier shipping at calculated rate) and any other price differential incurred. Exchanged items will be despatched 5 business days of receiving payment. Store credit must be used at the time of purchase and may not be applied towards an existing/previous order. Customer is responsible for providing a valid shipping address, if the package has been returned due to errors on the shipping address, non receipt at delivery address, importation/duties not paid, difficulties in reaching recipient, or for any other reasons (applicable). The package is technically considered to have being returned by customer. The customer can request for a refund, but will have to pay for the (cost of shipping the product US$10 US$15) to recipient's address, plus any additional charges for returning the package. The refund will be the amount the customer has paid minus the shipping cost (both ways). If both the (shipping plus return) fee exceeds the value amount, we may charge the difference to the customer. As the Toric / Astigmatism lenses are specially customized item, there is no refund or return applicable for this product. Under no circumstances can items with opened packaging be returned for a refund or exchange. 041b061a72


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