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What's On the Hook?

To be honest: I have more than one project on the hook. But since the last cold snap of winter, I had planned on making a lapghan for my work chair. I may no longer be beside the exit door, like I was when first developing my blog ideas, I still think this would look cool on my chair.

For a smaller blanket, I love classic ripple rounds! The below is a variant I found on Pinterest where there are so many different patterns to play with. I would tag this link but have encountered a problem where it's not quite laying out like I like it to for it to look decent folded in half over a chair. Oh well. Life is like that: full of trials and errors.

Will I give up my crochet? Nope. Tear it out? Probably but that's half the fun. The point is to have fun whether you create something beautiful or not. I learn something new from each fail as much as I do my successes.

I will promise this, once I get this one right: I'll repost it complete with the pattern used. In the meantime, you can search all sorts of free crochet ripple rounds on Pinterest or just google it. So many ideas out there to explore. Just don't be afraid to grab your favorite hook and yarn and give it try...even if you have to frog it several rounds in. Sometimes all you have to do is check your tension then pick a different hook. Happy Hooking!

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