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Quarantine Bread--least that's what my step mom calls it

Last year was an exceptional year. As in an exceptionally challenging year. We couldn't meet together, we missed major holidays, only the essential among us could go to work. I had never missed a holiday with my family or missed going to church on Easter. Depression blanketed me once again and I faced my first communion without saltines. I could not believe I forgot them from the store! My defense was only my shock and horror at the emptiness of the paper aisle making it essential for me to getting back out a priority. Even for a woman of faith, fear has been on the rampage.

Upside, I had found both flour and yeast so I took to Pinterest for easy quick breads. Ooooh Artisan Breads! Then I found this pin:

My life was changed. If you copy and paste it, you will find the prettiest loaf and because the recipe was so easy mine turned out just as pretty crackling crispy!

Don't have a Dutch oven? That's okay too as I had put two pieces of my Pampered Chef stoneware together to create one. Or you can put an oven safe lid on a oven proof no plastic handles.

This loaf was ready in time for Facebook church too! Yes, I salivated until communion time then nibbled on the slice rest of service. Ate a quarter of the loaf in no time at all! And you know what that fresh bread smell did for me? It lifted up my spirits. Baking has always been a happy place for me. So when I'm down, I find the best comfort in sinking my hands into sticky dough and kneading out my frustrations.

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"Give us this day .,our daily bread ,Remembering We still could break bread together , remembering The Meaning behind it, and that God has not forgotten us. And How He layed down his life for you my "Precious girl Love "Mama Susie.........

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