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What Changed my Story

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

My life in The Before was a series of storms where MS stole my mother turning my frustrations into anger at being forced into the role of caregiver: a burden no child should ever bear alone. School held no respite full of bullies that destroyed my ability to trust any peer. I preferred to hide in worlds of my own creations I could not bear my own reality. Then my mother died leaving me alone with my father who did not understand me. She left me to struggle in the career of Medical Assistant I chose for the continuation of skills they said I was good at as I needed a real job instead of my true writerly dream. I had lost my identity.

What I didn't like about my life in The Before was the barrier my sensitive nose created and how other people's "good smells" felt like an attack on me. I was good at taking things too personal back then as I changed my seat yet again yet bottling my irritation. I already felt like a freak who had a hard time getting to sleep as my emotions were always one wrong step away from detonation. I felt frozen like a winter pond with a swift current lying in wait under the surface, ready to sweep away some unlucky soul who fell through the ice.

But then I found a solution! I found a community I could breathe in! I found people who wanted to be around me and who not only wanted to hear what had hurt my heart but encouraged me to share my unique story! I found a community of people who believe in helping those around them just one drop of essential oil at a time to create positive change in a world that is weary. All because I said yet and showed up to Convington House in Vancouver when an old classmate, who had seen the trauma bullies create, shared her story which inspired me to see what she had found. Tanya introduced me to Valor while her oily friends introduced me to oils I use today for my nose because my Scent Shield worked from day 1! Valor took care of my emotions that had blocked me from life for so long.

Because of Young Living I now know who I am. I am Karleen Caruthers, a Medical Assistant who loves taking care of her cancer patients from first day hugs to their ringing of the victory bells on last chemo day. I am a Creative who loves to play with my oils and make something new or just crochet the day away. I was made in the very Image of God who has a hope and a future rooted in wellness reaching out for people like me to reach the rank of Senior Star to Silver! I am a writer who can now say "I was" to so many of my emotional blocks of fear and now have found both courage and joy--they also smell amazing! I have value just like you do and your story may mirror my or even just have one thing in common: we lost ourselves. It doesn't have to stay that way. There is hope. I value you and so does a Father who has his arms opened wide ready for you to come on home. You don't have to be perfect just come and message me if you need to chat.


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