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The The King And The Commissioner Italian Dubbed Free Download

The The King And The Commissioner Italian Dubbed Free Download

The King and the Commissioner is a 2012 Malayalam-language action thriller film written by Renji Panicker and directed by Shaji Kailas, starring Mammootty and Suresh Gopi. The film is a crossover of the films The King (1995), Commissioner (1994), Ekalavyan (1993) and Bharathchandran I.P.S. (2005). The film follows two detectives who investigate the death of an intelligence agent found in a river after she discovered a Pakistani plot for a terrorist attack.

If you are a fan of this film and want to watch it in Italian, you might be wondering where you can find the Italian dubbed version for free download. Unfortunately, there is no official Italian dubbing for this film, as it was not released in Italy or any other country where Italian is spoken. However, there are some unofficial ways to watch this film in Italian, which we will discuss below.

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Option 1: Use subtitles

One option is to watch the original film with Italian subtitles. This way, you can enjoy the original audio and follow the dialogue in Italian. You can find Italian subtitles for this film on various websites, such as [Subscene] or [OpenSubtitles]. You can download the subtitle file and use a media player that supports subtitles, such as VLC or MPC-HC, to play the film with the subtitles. Alternatively, you can use an online service that allows you to watch movies with subtitles, such as [Subsmovies] or [Subsmax].

Option 2: Use voice-over

Another option is to watch the film with an Italian voice-over. This means that you will hear an Italian narration that covers the original audio and explains what is happening on the screen. This is not the same as dubbing, as you will not hear the actors' voices in Italian, but rather a single narrator's voice. You can find an Italian voice-over for this film on [YouTube], where a user named [Cinema Indiavision] has uploaded the full movie with an Italian voice-over. You can watch it for free on YouTube, but be aware that the quality might not be very good and that this is an unauthorized upload that might be taken down at any time.

Option 3: Use dubbing software

A third option is to use a software that can automatically dub the film in Italian. This means that you will hear the actors' voices in Italian, but they will be generated by a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to translate and synthesize speech. This is a very advanced technology that is still in development, so you might not get very accurate or natural results. However, if you are curious to try it out, you can use a software like [DubFellows] or [Audiodub] to dub the film in Italian. You will need to upload the film file and select the language you want to dub it in, and then wait for the software to process it. You can then download or stream the dubbed version of the film.


In conclusion, there are several ways to watch The King and the Commissioner in Italian, but none of them are official or legal. You can either use subtitles, voice-over, or dubbing software to enjoy this film in Italian, but you might have to compromise on quality or reliability. If you really love this film and want to support the filmmakers, you might want to buy or rent the original version instead of looking for a free download.


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