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Onmyoji Arena: How to Play the Best MOBA Game on PC with Emulator

- Brief overview of the game features and modes - Mention of the original Onmyoji game and its characters H2: How to Download and Play Onmyoji Arena on PC? - Explanation of why playing on PC is better than on mobile - Step-by-step guide on how to download and install an emulator (BlueStacks) - Step-by-step guide on how to download and install Onmyoji Arena on PC using BlueStacks H2: How to Choose Your Shikigami and Role? - Explanation of the different types of Shikigami (Samurai, Mage, Ninja, etc.) and their abilities - Explanation of the different roles (Top, Mid, Bot, Jungle) and their responsibilities - Tips on how to select the best Shikigami and role for your playstyle and team composition H2: How to Win Battles and Climb Ranks? - Explanation of the basic gameplay and objectives of Onmyoji Arena - Tips and tricks for winning in different game modes (5v5, 3v3v3, etc.) - Tips and tricks for improving your skills and strategies in Onmyoji Arena H2: Conclusion - Summary of the main points of the article - Recommendation of Onmyoji Arena to MOBA fans and newcomers alike - Invitation to download and play Onmyoji Arena on PC The article content with HTML formatting is as follows: Onmyoji Arena: A Unique and Exciting MOBA Experience

If you are a fan of MOBA games, you might have heard of Onmyoji Arena, a mobile game that combines the classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay with a rich Japanese-themed setting and characters. In this game, you can choose from over 80 Shikigami, or summoned spirits, each with their own unique skills and personalities, and fight alongside your teammates against other players from around the world. Whether you prefer fast-paced action, strategic teamwork, or solo adventure, Onmyoji Arena has something for you.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what Onmyoji Arena is, how to download and play it on PC using an emulator, how to choose your Shikigami and role, and how to win battles and climb ranks. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Onmyoji Arena and why it is one of the best MOBA games out there.

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What is Onmyoji Arena?

Onmyoji Arena is a mobile MOBA game developed by NetEase Games, based on the popular turn-based fantasy strategy game Onmyoji. In Onmyoji Arena, you can play as your favorite characters from the original Onmyoji game, such as Seimei, Kagura, Yoto Hime, Ootengu, Enma, and many more. Each character has a unique backstory and voice acting that brings them to life.

The game features various game modes that cater to different preferences and skill levels. You can play in the standard 5v5 mode, where two teams of five players compete to destroy each other's base. You can also try out the innovative 3v3v3 mode, where three teams of three players fight for resources and kills in a smaller map. Or you can join the Battle Royale mode, where you can choose any Shikigami you want and fight for survival in a shrinking arena.

Onmyoji Arena also has a unique system called Onmyodo, which replaces the conventional rune system in other MOBA games. Onmyodo allows you to customize your Shikigami's abilities by choosing from different spells and effects. You can mix and match different combinations of Onmyodo to suit your strategy and playstyle.

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On top of that, Onmyoji Arena boasts stunning graphics and sound effects that immerse you in the beautiful How to Download and Play Onmyoji Arena on PC?

While Onmyoji Arena is a mobile game, you might wonder if you can play it on PC as well. The answer is yes, you can. Playing Onmyoji Arena on PC has many advantages over playing it on mobile. For example, you can enjoy a bigger screen, better graphics, smoother performance, and more comfortable controls. You can also avoid draining your phone's battery and data plan.

So how do you play Onmyoji Arena on PC? The easiest way is to use an emulator, which is a software that allows you to run mobile apps on your computer. There are many emulators available online, but one of the best ones is BlueStacks, which is free, safe, and easy to use.

To download and play Onmyoji Arena on PC using BlueStacks, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of BlueStacks and download the latest version of the emulator for your PC.

  • Install BlueStacks on your PC by following the instructions on the screen.

  • Launch BlueStacks and sign in with your Google account. If you don't have one, you can create one for free.

  • Go to the Google Play Store on BlueStacks and search for Onmyoji Arena. Alternatively, you can use this link to go directly to the game page: .

  • Click on the Install button and wait for the game to download and install on your PC.

  • Once the installation is complete, click on the Open button or find the game icon on the BlueStacks home screen.

  • Enjoy playing Onmyoji Arena on PC with BlueStacks!

How to Choose Your Shikigami and Role?

One of the most important aspects of Onmyoji Arena is choosing your Shikigami and role. Your Shikigami is your avatar in the game, and your role is your position and function in your team. Choosing the right Shikigami and role can make a big difference in your performance and enjoyment of the game.

There are five main types of Shikigami in Onmyoji Arena: Samurai, Mage, Ninja, Marksman, and Tank. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as different abilities and playstyles. Here is a brief overview of each type:


SamuraiSamurai are melee fighters who excel at dealing physical damage and dueling enemies. They are usually strong in the early game and can snowball if they get ahead. They are best suited for the top lane or the jungle.

MageMage are ranged casters who excel at dealing magical damage and controlling enemies. They are usually weak in the early game but scale well into the late game. They are best suited for the mid lane or the support role.

NinjaNinja are agile assassins who excel at dealing burst damage and killing enemies quickly. They are usually squishy but have high mobility and stealth. They are best suited for the jungle or the bot lane.

MarksmanMarksman are ranged shooters who excel at dealing sustained damage and pushing towers. They are usually weak in the early game but become very powerful in the late game. They are best suited for the bot lane or the mid lane.

TankTank are sturdy defenders who excel at absorbing damage and protecting allies. They are usually strong in all stages of the game but have low damage output. They are best suited for the top lane or the support role.

In addition to choosing your Shikigami type, you also need to choose your role in your team. There are four main roles in Onmyoji Arena: Top, Mid, Bot, and Jungle. Each role has its own responsibilities and objectives in the game. Here is a brief overview of each role:


TopThe top laner is usually a Samurai or a Tank who goes to the top lane of the map. Their main job is to farm gold and experience, hold their lane against their opponent, and join team fights when needed. They also need to watch out for enemy ganks from the jungle or other lanes.

MidThe mid lan er is usually a Mage or a Marksman who goes to the middle lane of the map. Their main job is to farm gold and experience, harass their opponent, and roam to other lanes to help their teammates. They also need to control the vision and objectives around the river and the jungle.

BotThe bot laner is usually a Marksman or a Ninja who goes to the bottom lane of the map. Their main job is to farm gold and experience, push their lane, and deal damage in team fights. They also need to cooperate with their support, who helps them with warding, healing, and peeling.

JungleThe jungler is usually a Ninja or a Samurai who goes to the jungle area of the map. Their main job is to kill the neutral monsters, gank the enemy lanes, and secure the objectives such as the Orochi, the Kraken, and


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